Include [Show-Text Columns] into the new LongText (Rich Text) feature

Please allow the same rich text features for the Show-text column type.

  • This will allow us to construct custom info-display systems without having to actually store any of that data

What I’m specifically talking about here is a “summary field”, something I’ll typically create in order to summarize the data of a row (or a bunch of rows) into a single field that’s easy to digest. All of this data is essentially duplicated data, and there is very little reason why I would want to store it - if I do, I’ll create a LongText column.

Here’s an example of the summary field in app:


  • A “Summary Field” is a great way to take a bunch of other data - that would otherwise take up much more space on the screen - and condense it.

Here’s what’s actually stored inside the cell:

          <td><b>Data Source Work</td></b>
    <th>Start Time</th>
           <th>End Time</th>
    <th>9:09 AM</th>
    <th>9:31 AM</th>
	  <th>Construction Jobs:</th>

The total size of this code, as found from, is image

538 bytes X 30,000 rows = 16,140,000 bytes, or 16.14 Mb

  • This is data that the app will transmit back and forth that I don’t really need to happen.
    • Removing this “bloat” from the app will help reduce not only the actual amount of transmitted data, but also the speed of the sync.

As always, thanks for considering!
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