Inconsistent Audit Log for Webhook/API Failures

Recently I’ve been attempting to implement some Webhooks via the new Automation system. I’m definitely not an expert in using the API yet and often have to refer to the audit log to find the exact problem with the JSON format that I’m using. I can always see an entry that says the process/task/webhook failed, with a reported (400) error as seen below:


However, I am often unable to see the failed “REST API Invoke” part of the log that actually gives the data needed to determine what caused the (400) error. Below is an example of what it looks like when the error does happen to come through the log:

I’ve been unable to figure out why the “REST API Invoke” is more often than not missing from the audit log. It’s not due to any filters I have set, I usually just leave them all on default.

TL;DR often receiving a (400) error WITHOUT an accompanying REST API INVOKE failure to actually determine root cause. I believe this may be an issue for others as well because I recall seeing (400) errors in the past posted to the community with users trying to figure out what the heck the issue was, I think they were also likely missing the REST API INVOKE failure that would give the clarification they needed. Also for clarity’s sake, the Webhooks in question are calling the same app that is sending them, so I should be seeing both the (400) error and the API failure in the same log.

Additional item of note, the last time I reached out to Support with an API issue it took 20 days before I received help that was inaccurate and by then I had solved the issue myself. So I’m hoping to get some more assistance here in the community this time.

@prithpal @Dan_Bahir ^^^

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@APiCC_Conor can you please raise the support ticket or send a private message with email details to go over the previous case raised.


Could you please send an email to and allow support access to your app.

We will investigate it.


Email sent

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Update: @Lusha_Wang confirmed this bug and expects to have the fix deployed to production tomorrow :+1:

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This issue appears to be resolved as of yesterday thanks to @Lusha_Wang

Hopefully this helps more people use the API successfully! :+1:

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