Inconsistent font size on pdf reports

I am facing font size issues on the pdf reports getting generated…

This is my current font setting on google doc template:

Since evening I am getting reports with different font size, letter spacing, font scale, border thickness etc.
Here are three reports generated since evening, arranged side by side for comparison. The font size & font scale is inconsistent in all three reports…

Please look into this…

Please contact for help with this.

Hi @Nirmal_Giri do you have any update on this? I think I have the same bug.

Hi @Fabian ,

May I know if you are facing this issue of templates set in custom fonts getting PDF output in Arial.

Today, in one of the apps that I maintain, the PDF output is in Arial while the templates created in Microsoft Word are having the font of Calibri. The PDFs were so far properly created in Calibri font as well.

Did you find any solution or do you suggest any workaround please?

Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar I still have this problem. I already contacted support without any solution yet.
The only steps I can suggest are in the post I quoted above.
The problem is: Some PDFs get created with the custom font, some with Arial. You cannot say why and when. Because when I hit the “Create PDF” Action many times, it will create some with custom font, some with Arial.

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I just checked my fonts on a new pdf save, I also use calibri in my word template and its doing something strange to the output. Its changed the font, font size and also margins.


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Thank you @Fabian and @Ben_Rix .

I am sure the AppSheet team will take note if the issue is now more widespread.

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Its a shame, because after spending quite a lot of time setting margins and creating the template to look a certain way, it decides to do its own thing anway :confused:

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Yes, the user of the app I look after also needs to send some reports but the format has got disturbed due to font changes.

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@Suvrutt_Gurjar @Ben_Rix what you describe has also to do with another bug:

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Everyone experiencing this problem, please contact

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Thanks Steve, Will do :slight_smile:

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