Incorrect Image + PDF file owner in Google Dr...

(Eric Schwartz) #1

Incorrect Image + PDF file owner in Google Drive

App users save image and PDF files that are stored to standard app folder in gDrive under the Sheet file folder.

All users have write permission on the folders and one user is the folder owner. Image and PDF files are being created with my developer account as owner. Any ideas? Much thanks in advance.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Both image and file column types has the option named FolderLocation where you can choose the location. If you do it dynamically depending on user’s name or email address, every users would have their “own” folder.

(Eric Schwartz) #3

Hi Aleksi, Thanks for your response.

Is there a way to specify which Google user is the owner of the new gDrive files?

The owner of all image files created by the App. appears to be the Google account which owns the application. Best

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

If you use one folder for one user with this mechanism, you could share that specific folder for your user but you need to do that manually. I’m afraid the app can’t do that.