Increased Voting Limit For more loyal Users


Been at my voting limit for a while not, Don’t want to remove votes from other feature requests,

Requesting to add something so the more a user has been active, etc, the higher there voting limit should be, Its been a few months now and I thought I may eventually get more votes, but been stuck at voting limit for a while now,


I’ve vote for this, but I’m at my limit too. :slightly_frowning_face:

Does anyone know when they reset?


Lol I know right… I cant Vote for my own request :slight_smile:


I guess just works backwards on me, I don’t want to take my votes off of other requests until they have been implemented :slight_smile:

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I have run out of votes also.

I completely agree with a vote limit.

For it to be effective, we each need to proactively adjust our voting priority. In other words when new requests are posted, we might find that one of those is of higher priority to ourselves so we would need to “move” one of our votes to the higher priority item.

BUT…to be proactive we need to be able to see which voted items are using up our vote count (I would think really old or implemented items would return those votes).

How do we see where our current votes are being used? Is there a way?


Yes this would help,
Slso maybe Appsheet should implement some kind of dashboard so users can see what features have the highest votes via graphs etc, and every month appsheet takes this item and implements it to the best of there ability. It then gets erased and everyone gets there votes back.

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You can go to the Features list and click on the Votes button at the top to see an ordered list of items - most votes descending to least.

There is also a “My Votes” button. But I wonder if this shows everything we have voted on or if it only shows those with “active” votes on them. The idea being that as voted items drop off the list we get back those votes for use. But maybe this doesn’t happen?


Haha, all the people that want more votes can’t vote for the feature that would give them more votes… This is pretty dang funny.


LOL. Kicking myself in the arse


@Jonathan_S @Lynn @Steve @Marc_Dillon

It is funny! :smile:

Kidding aside…you can vote. You just need to find an item you voted on (see @Steve’s post above for the My Votes button) that is less important, remove that vote and then apply the vote to the request that is more important. This is the only way we can truly bubble up the items that are most important to the overall community.


I agree I have plenty of votes…
I only vote for the big ticket items. Like hierarchy, better charts, etc.

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Curious…does anyone know how many total votes we do have to use? Is there somewhere to see that?


I had the same question. The only thing I can see is, that they reduced the amount of votes we can give. Because: Even if I remove votes, I will still be over the limit.

Edit: It seems that we can give 59 votes.

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Ok I’m not even going to try removing votes now in fear of not being able to vote anyway. Not sure what the previous voting limit. Anyone have any insight on this?


Wow! That’s a lot of votes - considering that this is a system where we should be voting on those requests which are of more criticality to each of us as individuals. Since we can only vote once per request, this limit means we each can have 59 different possible feature requests we each consider most important to us. That’s a lot!

You should IF the feature request is more critical to you and your apps than any of your top 59 (assuming 59 is the limit). Otherwise, the voting system doesn’t really work.

AppSheet wants to focus on those things that are of the greatest benefit to the community. What’s of greater desire for us will also likely attract new customers. A large customer base benefits us all because it means the platform will likely live on well into the future.

If we all have maxed our voting and a new request is submitted that would really boost the platform (e.g. I think drag and drop recently mentioned could be one of those), and none of us change our votes, that feature request will not get the attention it needs. AppSheet will assume it’s not a needed or greatly desired feature and drop it or place at the bottom of the list.

A recent one that comes to mind that I think went to the wayside due to a seeming collective lack of interest is GPS tracking capabilities. I know AppSheet was working on it and then the merger happened. Most of us accepted what’s not there or found workarounds so the chatter has died down. But I’m willing to bet that if there was a very strong showing of continued interest, it, and any other such feature request, would come to fruition sooner than later.

Our best way to show our interest is through voting! And by the way, I see nothing wrong with promoting feature requests to keep community informed of the feature and gain more votes. Just reserve that for the most important features.

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Update, I just become a Regular and it seems like I got an extra 19 votes? This is perfect. I will use them wisely.

Thank you,

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