Increasing the workspace in the appsheet interface and data section

Hello there,

As shown in the screenshot, if you add the functions in Figures 1,2,3, we will have a larger workspace in the Interface.

One and two fields are global, just like the emulator, and in the third part, it is enough to be in the tables and columns in the data part to maximize the window. (I did not need it in UX, Behavior, etc. parts to maximize and minimize the window. It can be applied to other parts than the data part.)

Because the higher the number of columns, the harder it is to work with the scroll bar on the left.

I’m guessing (1) would hide the left sidebar, (2) would hide the top bar, and (3) would expand the column display to full-screen?

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Yes @Steve, In order for the working area to be wider (especially in colons), the left and top should be closed and opened. In order to be able to manage columns and expressions more comfortably, the columns window should be full screen.

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