Individuall pins

Customizing Map Pins

You can customize the color and icon style of map pins using format rules. You can apply format rules selectively to format some map pins one way, and other map pins another way. This allows you to highlight certain map pins, or to categorize map pins into groups.

To customize map pins:

  1. In the editor, open the UX > Format Rules tab.
  2. Click “+New Rule” to create a new format rule.
  3. In the “For this data” dropdown, select the table containing the Address or LatLong field.
  4. In the “Then format these columns” dropdown select the name of the Address or LatLong field.
  5. In the “Highlight color” property enter the map pin color you wish. For example, “#FF0000” is red, “#00FF00” is green, “#0000FF” is blue, “FFFF00” is yellow, “00FFFF” is cyan, “FF00FF” is magenta, and so forth.
  6. In the “icon” dropdown, select the style of icon you wish. For example, “fa-car”.
  7. In the “If this condition is true” property, enter a Yes/No expression. The format rule will be applied when the expression is true.

Create a format rule for each map pin format you wish. Specify the appropriate “If this condition is true” expression to apply that format rule to the map pins you wish.

this is not longer working?

it changes all pins in all

What exactly is your question? Please provide some screenshots of what is not working.

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sorry solved