Information for users limit on prototype app

Hi Dear Community,

As you may have experienced it, a prototype app is supposed to be limited to 10 users, on a 30-rolling days basis.
I see this is a recurrent question on the Community, and it can be tricky to know how many users we have consumed.

Even when being careful, which means for example going on account/App info page:

…it happens that this information seems not being in real-time, so in a 24h-range you can be mistaken if you are working on the 10-users edge.

I would appreciate having this 30-rolling day information, directly in the Users/Manage option, when the app status is on prototype status(along with last-dateTime refreshing)
I would suggest something like that:

I would appreciate your vote and consideration :slight_smile:

And as always, thank you AppSheet Team for your great work and achievements !

I have no votes left, but I support this request wholeheartedly, it’s always a bit of a chore to find exactly how many licences are being used, and when exactly does that number change for each app.

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