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Hi, I understand that userlocale is able to return the locale designation provided by the user’s device. However, I realised that the userlocale will depend on the user device language in the setting. For example, if a user based in America and his language set on his device is Chinese, the user locale shown and recorded in my app will be zh-cn.

As an app creator, I would like to lock the the userlocale based on where the user is using the app instead of recording the userlocale based on the language set on the user device? Can anyone advice how it can be done? Thank you.

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Just a thought, but if you do that, what happens when he travels?
He should be able to speak all the languages for the visited countries.

This from an European perspective.

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USERLOCALE() is specifically intended to access the user’s chosen language, not the user’s location. You can get the user’s precise location using HERE(), but that won’t tell you concisely what country they’re in.

See also:

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Thank you for the reply. I need the location for reporting purpose. :smiley:

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Thank you for the information. Is there a possible way to know which country the app user is in?

Not built into AppSheet. I’m can’t speak to options outside of AppSheet.