Initial Value Based on Value in Dropdown Column


I’m trying to set an initial value of a column based on a value chosen from a dropdown list in a form. When the value is chosen from a dropdown, I would like that value looked up in another table and pull the ID corresponding to that value.

Basically I have a list of Company Names in the dropdown list in a form. I want the company ID be automatically assigned from the Company table where i have companies listed and their IDs.

I tried the Lookup() formula: Lookup([Company Name], Company, Company Name, Company ID)
But for some reason it return the value of 1 each and every time no matter what company I choose. Please help.

LOOKUP( [_THISROW].[Company Name] , "Company" , "Company Name" , "Company ID")

Also, Why not just use a Ref type column for the user-selection, where the Label for the Company table is the Company Name?


This works great. Thank you very much.

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