Initial value for ref column

I have ref column that is part of a form.
Both tables have security filters based on user email.
When a user is in the form, I want to have an initial value using the filtered data in the ref column.
I’ve tried ANY(reftable[refcolumn]), but it is not working.
Any other ideas?

Perhaps the security filter has filtered out the referenced row? Keep in mind that a security filter keeps the filtered rows from even reaching the app.

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It shows up in the form drop down (if I don’t have the initial value formula in). Thanks for thinking about this!

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Okay. The dropdown should show all rows from the security-filtered table. You can further limit what’s shown in the dropdown using a Valid_If expression, if you’d like:

But you say you want an initial value, which is just one value, not a list of values. Maybe this might help:

If these docs don’t provide an answer, feel free to come back and ask for more options.