Initial Value Formula

Hi, I am trying to put an initial value for a column in AppSheet, but the column is non-editable. Is it possible? As when I tried, nothing happens but the expression editor seems to be alright as well.

What do you mean by this?

I have set the column as a non-editable field in AppSheet.

Yes. You can set a column as non-editable AND set an Initial Value. If you are not seeing the value displayed in the Form when adding a new row, make sure you have saved the editor changes and that there were no errors.

If you are still not seeing the initial value then please provide us a screenshot of the column definition and the expression you are setting in the Initial Value.

I have made sure that the editor changes has been saved and no warning or error messages pop up.
There is no formula for the initial value as it is an input to the source directly.

Below is the field I am trying to put an initial value for but the number does not show up.

Since you are referencing it as a straight column, then I assume it is a column within the same table?

If that is true and since its a Form, then you must be expecting to copy the value of [PO Quantity (in Cartons)] to “this” column. And it must be the value from “this” row.

Have you populated the value of [PO Quantity (in Cartons)] elsewhere in the Form?

If you’ve set Editable? to OFF, the initial value will not be applied. Instead, set Editable? to the expression, FALSE, to prevent users from modifying the value but allow the app itself to.

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Ummm, I did test this yesterday because I thought the same. It does update.

Today, I updated Initial Value expression to assign another column value in the row - namely the row ID - to simulate @li_Hua 's scenarios and it does populate to the non-editable column when the Form is opened. See image.


Hmmm! Well, I stand corrected!

Hi, Sorry for not asking the question properly but I was asking in the scenario in which " customer ID" is non-editable and “Name” is editable based on your example. :smiley:
As when I tried the other way round, it does not work so I was curious if there is actually any other solution :smiley:
Thank you though! I have learnt something new today.

I don’t quite understand how to do what you are mentioning. How can I set it editable to only the expression?

Based on this comment, to paraphrase, Can the value of a non-editable column be assigned to one that is editable? The answer to that is still Yes. See updated image below.

For clarity, Editable? simply controls whether or not a PERSON can change the value of the column. The value can still be set by Initial Value and by App Formula…or by Actions. Also, that value can be assigned to other columns or used in expressions just like any other.

So again, if you are finding that a value of a non-editable column is not getting assigned to another column through the use of Initial Value, then there is something else wrong, e.g. maybe the assignment of the non-editable column is not happening as you thought. To help find the issue we would need to have more details about your particular scenario.


I see, appreciate your help but that’s all to the scenario. There is no other functions or extra expressions inside these columns at all.

I understand. I was actually thinking more about the how you have defined the columns and the views. It might be better, at this point, to reach out to They can take a look at your app and tell you exactly where the issue is.

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