Initial value from an action

Hi there!
Is it posible to add an initial value in a new form, depending on witch acton the user trigger?
If ti is, how aere the steps to do it?

Eg: I create several slices, that show custom columns view, as in the form and table view. There is another table, where I used a Detail view, to show the actions that trigger the LINKTOVIEW into the form of each of the slices. When the user trigger action “A”, I need to add an initial value, into the form of the slice “A”.

Are you able to use LINKTOFORM() instead of LINKTOVIEW()? Then you are able to add an initial value.


Ok, and how can I add an initial value, deppending on witch acton the select?

Action A, should have initial value A
Action B, should have initial value B, and so on

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Like LINKTOFORM(“FormViewName”,“YourColumnName”,“A”)


Thans @Aleksi and @Austin_Lambeth!
Problem solved

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You’re welcome