Initial value from other table, based on email

i have table Group and Employee, that have entities as shown image below
i set email value both in Group and Employee table with [email]=USEREMAIL(),
and the Group[manager name] column type is Ref, from Employee[manager name] table, as dropdown

what if everytime we input new Group data, Group[manager name] have Employee[manager name] as initial value based on email, can someone give me a clue pleasee…

Hi @mirw_ika! Welcome to the forum!

I may not know enough to answer your question but perhaps I can help you clarify it.

First of all, I’m a little confused but the table you have put in your post as an image. Categories like “manager”, “email”, and “project name” would normally be at the top of your “GROUP” sheet. The same can be said about your “EMPLOYEE” sheet. Perhaps it would be good to start by clarifying the structure of the two sheets (tables).

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thanks for the advice…

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Set the Initial value property of the manager name column of the Group table to this expression:

  "manager name"

Read more:

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it work!! thanks @Steve

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