[Initial Value] Is there a way to set column ...

(Benjamin Pang) #1

[Initial Value] Is there a way to set column initial value based on the slice or view I am in? I have 3 slices, mapped to 3 views. When I click into each view, and add new record, I would like to default a certain column based on the view/slice I am in

(Grant Stead) #2

You could always use LINKTOFORM and insert the value you need… (You might even be able to attach that action to the ADD button?)

(Benjamin Pang) #3

That’s a great idea! How can I override the “Add” button?

I can only override the “edit” and “delete” action.

(Grant Stead) #4

@Benjamin_Pang hrmmm looks like they haven’t gotten to it yet… I’m sure soon you’ll be able to directly… For now you can just create a slice that doesn’t allow adds, and then place your action with a plus sign…

(Benjamin Pang) #5

good point. will try it out. Thanks Grant!