Initial value = last entry recorded

Is it possible to write a formula for the initial value of a column to equal the value of the last entry in the same column?

In the example I am building the last entry will always be the highest value recorded and it will be the entry for yesterday in the date column which is also the keyid.


In general you could use MAXROW() or MAX() expressions.

If you could share more precise details about the relevant columns and may be some sample data , meaning what is meant by the highest value - is it the same as the date column or some other column’s highest value, then the community could suggest a more appropriate solution.


The MAX() expression is exactly what I was looking for. I had been trying with the MAXROW() expression but only needed the column value and not the row. Thanks for your quick response. Slowly getting to grips with expressions!


You are welcome. All the best wishes for your apps creation.