Initial value vs. Suggested value

I want to provide an initial value that is calculated from a list of values and can’t seem to make it work. Here is what I am trying to do.

There are 5 possible choices from a list for which tee a player will play in a game of golf. Each player has a “favorite” tee but I want to allow the selection of any tee from the list. Can the app provide an initial value of the “favorite” tee while still allowing the selection of any of the other tees from a dropdown list? I’ve played with Initial Value expressions, Suggested Value expressions and Lists but can’t seem to get them to work together. Any suggestions?

Set the favorite tee in the Initial Value, and set the entire List of all tees in either Suggested Values or Valid If.


I appreciate the response. I had tried just this previously without success but tried again nonetheless. Here is what I found. If I assign the initial value to a constant “B” your suggestion works perfectly. Unfortunately that does not solve my problem. What I need to do is to use a filter expression that takes the player name that is entered in the preceding cell to determine the “favorite” tee for that player. When I enter the expression as the initial value all I see in the form is the list of suggested values with no initial value. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Maybe your expression didn’t work as expected?
Could you post here what “test” shows from the Expression Assistant?


Both expressions show exactly what I expect when tested. I thought that maybe using a filter expression was the issue so I tried using lookup instead. Still no luck. In all cases I don’t get the initial value in the cell unless I go with a constant. Really confused and frustrated at this point in that this is the last issue I need to solve before my app is ready to deploy…

Show us screenshots of the expression(s) and what you see in the app, and other related configurations.


There is no way we could know if the expression is right or not if we have no screenshot to look at


Ok, here are some screen shots. Again, thanks for the help.

The player name has been selected but nothing show in the Tee selection window. The next shot is what I get from the pull down. Note that none of the choices are selected. The Initial value expression returns “C”. The test verifies this. The list below is the correct list from the suggested values expression.

The following screen shots show the functions as they are entered.

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Does changing this fix it?

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Unfortunately no.

Please show us the whole tables schemas

  1. The one where you need the initial value to be calculated
  2. The one where the ‘tees’ are. This should be related to the players in some way?

I suspect that Lookup is not the best expression but that may be just my personal opinion since I don’t use it at all

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I hope this is what you are looking for. Note that I’ve used both filter and lookup expressions with the same result.

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  App_Players[Dove Tee],

In theory this should give the value from the Dove Tee column that matches thisrow player even though Select is meant for lists. If you have any problem, wrap it with ANY(The expression) or INDEX(The expression, 1)

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For the record, it seems like the problem you have with Lookup is that you are not using the key of AppPlayers’ table. You should be using a ref column or enum base type ref on G1_P1.
I mean, this is not strictly mandatory but it’s expected to be that way

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