Initial value WHERE something, something

I have a table called Mileage that allows users to record their daily start and stop odometer reading. I created a virtual column called MostRecent that grabs the last entry based in a timestamp: MAXROW(Mileage, Timestamp)

This is so I can set the initial value of the odometer start with MostRecent (yesterday’s end reading) It’s working but I need it to look for the current user’s last entry… not just the last entry. Is there some kind of WHERE clause I can use when setting my initial value = MostRecent?
My Mileage table has an email field so I like to specify WHERE UserEmail() = Email

For anyone seeking a similar solution I creates a virtual column with a REF type called MostRecent with anapp formula:
MAXROW(Mileage.xlsx, Timestamp, ([Driver Name] = Useremail()))

Then auto computed the Odometer Reading End with this:
[MostRecent].[Odometer Reading End]

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