Initial values from previous Enumlist

Please support me on working with Initial where it’s results on a previous Enumlist.

I have 2 spreadsheet
1st sheet name EmployeeDetail have 2 columns Name and Busnumber
2nd sheet name Working have 2 columns OT and BusnumberEmployee

for example, on 1st spreadsheet Name and Busnumber have data and detail of employees and 2nd spreadsheet I setup OT with enumlist on Valid if I used this formular


so the manager can select multiple employee names here,
then column BusnumberEmployee with initial value I used this formular

LOOKUP([_THISROW].[OT], "EmployeeDetail ", “Name”, “Busnumber”)

but it’s not work correctly if manager don’t select any employees it’s show nothing also if selected multi employees show nothing too, but if selected 1 employee it’s show Busnumber correctly.

I would appreciate for your supporting.

Try this instead:

  IN([Name], [_THISROW].[OT])

See also:

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Thank you for your kindly reply and it’s work perfectly.

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