Inline action does not show with Long Text field

I have a detail view which is using a card-style layout. In the main body of the view I have three columns. Column 1 and 3 are number columns but the second column is of Long Text type. All three columns are virtual columns.

I have three actions that link to the relevant form to edit the real source of the virtual column.

For each action (Behaviour) I have set the appearance the same for each, “Display Inline” but each is associated with a different column obviously. It is the one that is associated with the Long Text virtual column that does not display. If I change it to be associated with one of the other two columns, it displays correctly.

Is this a limitation?

Card views do not support LongText values. I don’t know why; I consider it a bug. If you agree, I encourage you to engage


Steve. I remade the form as a standard detail form and the problem remains. However I found that all was not as I expected, My VC had decided it was a LIST type and not Long Text. I set this back again (hopefully it will stay) and all is resolved.

Sorry for wasting time.

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