Inline action not displaying in the multi-select menu

I have 4 actions all show inline in the table view but when I use the multi-select feature only 3 show in the dropdown for bulk action even if I have only selected one record that meets the criteria for the action.
It is a grouped action but so is one of the other actions that does show.
Is there a limit to the bulk action list? What could be the problem?

I believe you may wish to mention the type of the fourth action that is not reflecting in the bulk action drop down. Typically, I believe only row ( or record ) level actions will reflect in bulk actions.

I tested with multiple actions and four actions, including two group actions, appeared in the drop down for bulk action. But a fifth action which was not row level action did not appear in the drop down but it appeared as an inline action in the table view.

The fifth action that did not appear in bulk drop down was of the type “Open a form to add a new row to this table ( not a row levele action)”

I believe, another possibility for an action not to show up in bulk action list could be if there are conflicting conditions for different actions. For example an action “Complete” has precondition that [Status]=“Open”. Then it will not show in the bulk list for rows where status is “Complete” and so on.

The picture below shows 4 actions, including two group actions, appearing in the bulk actions’ drop down.


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One way to test this… try to show all actions as an individual actions. You should then see what action is the reason.

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The dropdown will only show actions that can be applied to all of the selected rows; if any of the selected rows cannot be handled by an action, that action will not be displayed.