Inline Actions: Option to Display as Data (column value, including images) Instead of Icon

I was going to make a request for Actions to allow custom images instead of the default icons…

But I was also thinking about a minor annoyance with Inline Actions:
The data is no longer available in table view. The button completely replaces the data, so if you want to see the value AND have the button, you have to attach it to a different column.

I think both of these could be solved by a new display option.

Could we get an Inline Action option to display the Data (column value), instead, and have that column value (including images) be the button?

Then we could make buttons out of any image, even dynamically generated SVGs, or dynamic placeholder images from other web services.

Thanks for considering!



Oh now, don’t make me get on my soapbox again! :slight_smile:

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I guess I could take an hour and go through all the previous ones, cleaning things out giving me viable votes again…

Yeah it doesn’t seem like there is a quick way to go through all of the voted items to “unvote” some of them.

I’ll put in a Feature Request and you can go vote on it! Oh wait… :slight_smile: