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So, this most likely to related to Inline views change? issues, but I specifically have an real EnumList of Refs that I use for editing usage. I have a VC List of Refs with an app formula that just points to the EnumList that I use for display. It works just fine, however, the count that has now moved to the label only shows (1) regardless of the number of entries:

This seems to be a bug in which AppSheet is parsing the list incorrectly for counting purposes. I believe it counts the list as a single string, before it recognizes the three individual references.

If I try to concatenate/split the EnumList to force a new count, AppSheet forces the element type to Text and obviously breaks the view, but the count is right and text is technically correct.

If I try to create a new SELECT statement using the IN and SPLIT expressions to see if each item is in the EnumList, a completely different thing happens. It will let me set it to Ref, but then after saving AppSheet changes the target table to an all caps version of the name, gets the right count number, but fails to display any of the entries.
SELECT(SubCategories[SubCategory], IN([SubCategory], SPLIT([Flavor_SubCategories], ", ")))

If I don’t split the EnumList is the example above, the IN function will fail to accurately match and the reference table still gets forced all caps.

So, I guess, the point of me making this post is to point out the unexpected differences in how these are being handled and hopefully get whatever is causing this fixed. I have yet to find a solution that gets me the best of both worlds. But at this point I’m not sure if I can, in this instance, for now.


Also I would like to add, that I don’t feel this is an issue worthy of contacting support. As long as they know its a thing, its only a minor visual bug as far as I’m concerned.


True, I went through the entire thing already, On my end my formula was throwing some null pointers which was throwing the count out of whack. (The inline view was based off a slice. The slice was getting some Null Pointers) was sending back the correct info just blank items along with it. May be worth checking out.

I’m not using any slices, and these formulas are pretty basic for null pointers. And even if it is a null pointer, I don’t think there is anyway for me to avoid it at the moment. Though I did consider that slices might avoid this problem, however I don’t want to try and engineer a slice (or multiple) that would work. I just want to get whatever this underlying problem is fixed.

I’ve surfaced this internally. It’s a legitimate bug.


Awesome, thanks @Steve!

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Hey @Bahbus. I’m trying to reproduce the bug my side, but haven’t gotten it to work. I’m guessing I’m missing something in my setup. Could you send an email to, include the app name and steps to navigate to that view? Oh, also please cc Thanks.

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@Bahbus Actually, I was able to reproduce the bug if I changed from using the standard list separator (" , ") to a custom list separator in my EnumList column. Coincidentally, we’ve got a fix going out for this today that addresses the problem in my app. Please wait 20 minutes, give it one more shot, and then email support if the problem continues.

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Ah, that’s probably what it was, then. I deleted all the leading spaces from the column setup.


Not seeing it yet, but I’ll wait until tomorrow to make sure it had a chance to reach me.