Inline row limit not updating staying on only 5 rows (default)

I can change it to any value I want in the app editor but it will always only show 5 rows.

This still does not update even when I do a hard refresh and delete all the app data through dev tools.

This seems like a feature that is used very rarely and might be broken.

Thank you for your help!

Do you want to change the default setting to change the number or inline (nested) row shown as child?
Or just want to change the number of rows shown as child in detail view?
If latter case, then you got to the details view and change the setting for max nested rows.


Thanks, but this is exactly what does not work.
I can seht the value to whatever I want, but it will still only show max. 5 rows. :frowning:

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Please submit this concern to so they can address it as a bug.

Hi @jonas_dont, I am not able to reproduce this issue.


I have this same issue, I can only see 5 items even though I have changed the nested value to 20?
Is there a fix for this?

Please provide a screenshot of the improper display within the app emulator of the app editor. Please include in the screenshot the very bottom line under the app emulator that identifies the view and table.

Please also provide a screenshot of the view configuration of the view identified in the first screenshot.

Hi Steve
I solved this. I read the setting was in a ‘Detail’ view so found it and it now works for me.

Kind Regards

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