Inline row limit


I would like to ask if there’s any chance at all eliminate or make unavailable the reference links shown in the detail forms?
I tried to set the Max Nested Rows to 0 or the Inline Row Limit to 0 but I still keep getting the ref. links.
I prefer to keep my app navigation simple without the innumerous linked views.

I’ll attach the print screens for visual details.


Best Regards,
Ricardo Peixeiro

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Hello Steve,

Thanks for the quick reply… But I’m not managing to achieve this.
I’ve a question about the TARGET field. In my case is this supposed to be pointing to my App Link of the Detail view?

If so, It’s not working. Can you advise?


Why not?


In what way isn’t it working? I would advise against tinkering with the Target expression of a system-generated action.

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In my case the TARGET field comes out blank.
If I leave it Blank when I save the behavior action the print screen message is returned.

You should not have removed the Target expression–it is required. All you need to do is change Prominence to Do not display.

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Hi Steve,

When I create the behavior, The Target expression is Blank.

Why are you creating a new action? Modify the existing system-generated one, instead.

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Ok. I got the impression that I had to create a new behavior action.
Thanks I will try your suggestion.


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Hi Steve,

This is now working.
I hadn’t notice that you’re talking about the system generated actions.
They appear hide iand I wasn’t seeing them.

Great Stuff.