Inline Table shows Custom Ref View Instead of Default

I have a main table that has an inline Ref Table view and another Ref Table view that I created because it is part of a custom data entry flow.

With that in mind I came across the issue described in the Feature Request

Following the advice given from @MultiTech_Visions in that feature request, I implemented ShowIf on the custom table view to not be shown in a certain Detail View. However, the system still appears to override the ShowIf on the custom view and it is still displayed rather than the default inline table view. Any help?

The ref view chosen is based on the List of Ref column’s Referenced table name:


If you want to use a different inline view, change the Referenced table name to a different table or slice.


Thanks @Steve. I do understand that this is the default setup for Appsheet, however my setup for view is like this:

Before I introduced the custom table view at top, the PermitList_Detail showed the PermitList_Inline table view. Once I created the custom table view that is now being shown in the PermitList_Detail view instead. I though adding Context(“View”) <> “PermitList_Detail” would revert back to showing the PermitList_Inline table view instead, however this is not the case. Any other possible solutions?

Try my suggestion.

I believe I already have the setup you are suggesting, but Appsheet is overriding the inline table view. Or, I suppose I am not following what you are suggesting to change the outcome.

Here is my column setup. As you might notice, this is a self reference. So, based on the feature request noted above, Appsheet would by default choose the PermitList_Inline table as the corresponding inline view under PermitList_Detail view. Now however, I have introduced another table view of type ‘Ref’ pointing also to PermitList. So based on the discussion under the feature request, Appsheet automatically ranks the developer created table higher compared to the system created inline table, and therefore anywhere where there is an inline table for PermitList it now shows the created table. That is not what I want, so therefore I tried resolving the issue by using the suggestion of hiding the custom table under the PermitList_Detail view using Context() in the custom table ShowIf expression which also does not work.

I apologize if I’m not grasping your point that you are trying to make but I thought I am doing exactly what you are describing.

Create a slice that uses the PermitList table. No row filter, include all columns, allow all access. Set the Referenced table name for the Enlargements virtual column to that new slice. Configure the inline ref table view for the slice as desired.

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Thanks @Steve that did it, although I made my slice for the custom process instead and just left the standard inline in place.


That works, too! :slight_smile: