Inline View from Reference Rows that do not include key of parent table. Is it possible?

Have a Table for Tracks where [Track Name] is the key.

Also have a table Races in which one column is [Track Name] but here the Key is a concatenation of [Track Name] and [Date]

What i am trying to do is to show a inline view of Races for Todays Track.

If you reference [Track Name] of Races to Track an automatically Related Races column generated by appsheet in Tracks Table., with this formula:
Related Racess
REF_ROWS(“Races”, “Track Name”)

I would like to create a reference with SELECT.
SELECT(Races[_KeyRacingDays], (CONCATENATE([Track Name],": ",TODAY()) = [_KeyRacingDays]))

So when i display The Tracks in a Gallery View and click on track image it. Is this possible?

Hi @yastaaa

You may want to correct this:

  CONCATENATE([Track Name],": ",TODAY()) = [_KeyRacingDays])

into this:

  CONCATENATE([_THISROW].[Track Name],": ",TODAY()) = [_KeyRacingDays])

Please note this is equivalent to:

  CONCATENATE([_THISROW].[Track Name],": ",TODAY()) = [_KeyRacingDays]

For further knowledge, I encourage you to have a look there:

also, for reference:

About this:

I’m not sure what you have in mind, I would think about ticking the “Label” option on the expected column in the table Races.
You may want to provide more informations on this point ?

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Sorry. i was taking a cumbersome path . It is better an easier to go to Behavior and create an Action with the LINKTOFILTERVIEW() Expression and add this in the Row onclick Track Gallery.

“Races_Inline”,[_KeyRacingDays]=CONCATENATE([_THISROW].[Track],": ",TODAY()))

This will display the Inline View without any references.

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