Inline View, References, Filter


I have a main table setup with all of my employees. I have a second table setup with trainings they need to do. I setup a reference on the trainings table under their name so that their listed trainings show up as an inline view on the main table. I have a status column on the training table that shows if they are “Complete” or “Not Complete”. If they were complete I do not want them to show on the inline view. I do now see a way to filter this. I could do this with a slice but I am not sure how to assign that as an inline view to the main table.

Yes, create a slice for it.

In your employee table, you’ll have a system-generated column called “Related Training” or similar (unless you’ve changed the name). This column has a REF_ROWS() formula, copy that formula.

Now create a new virtual column, and paste in the copied formula, but change the value for the table name, to the name of the slice that you just created.

Then in your Employee Detail view, hide the original column, and show the new column.


Hi, I did all this but I am not seeing the virtual column


the slice I created is: MY PENDING TRAININGS

I think I forgot a step: create a table view for the slice, this will be your inline view.

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