Inline view - select expression I m trying t...

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Inline view - select expression

I m trying to make a virtual column with select expression to App formula. I managed to create what i want to do till now.

Now I added new table from SQL as data source and pick up SQL view.

using this new table as data source/table for select expression for new virtual column.

Expression is valid and what i expected is the table view as child table. to parent.

However, i only get the inline view for text.

I changed the element type for this VC to ‘Ref’ from Longtext. Save the change, but element type returns to longtext.

How can we make this inline view to table rather than list of text for IDs?


Hi @tsuji_koichi do you have a screenshot of the inline view?

You may just need to go in and change the column order to get it how you want.