Inline View show/not show a column based on view

I have 2 views, one for Parts and one for Location. I have a table that has a reference to both. I don’t want the inline view to show the Parts column when I am in the Parts view but I want it to show when it’s in the Location View. I also want the reverse where the location should show in the Parts view and shouldn’t show in the Location view. Just using the Show if did not work as the column that should be hidden is just blank instead of not showing the column. Also tried making a vc based on CONTEXT but I knew better and that doesn’t recalculate. Anyone have any ideas other than make 2 copies of the table so I get 2 inline views to set the column order on.

You need to make a new slice for each new Inline view layout, as well as the appropriate REF_ROWS VC for the new slice.

Funny, I basically just answered the same question twice in a row:


So I have to make 2 slices of this table and only include the columns I want to display in each? I don’t see how this gets back to my inline view?

You can create a custom inline view by linking a virtual column that uses a ref_rows() expression to a slice of a table that has your desired column configuration, after that you only need to create a table view linked to that same slice to serve as an inline view.

You can repeat this process so that you have as many custom inline views as you need, after that it’s only a matter of managing the show_if permissions for your new virtual columns, so that only one of them is shown at any given time.


That did not seem to work. So make a VC from my Parts table to a slice of the table I want my inline view to be?

Here’s a list of steps that i wrote to another post:


Problem for step 1. I want to remove the Ref column from the inline view. So the Parts inline view wouldn’t show the Parts column. If my slice doesn’t have the Ref column then I can’t make the VC using the ref_rows()?

You can include the REF column in the slice, just don’t include it on the table view

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So the inline view just used the inline view from the table the slice was made from instead of using the table view I made for the slice when I did that.

That’s weird, when i needed a variable inline view i didn’t have that issue, it should pick up the view for the slice if both the VC and the view are pointing at the slice, if you do include the ref column on the inline view, does it let you use it?

Is there any sample for this? I would like to see it running. This is a very useful solution!

I was able to throw together a sample app for this tonight: