Inline views change?

Has there been a change to inline view displays?


The total records number seems to have moved from the “View” button, up to the Column Header, the “View” has changed to “View All”, and the “New” button is just gone. That last one is no good, that’ll need to be corrected very soon.

I have the system-generated “Add” action hidden for these tables, and replaced by a custom Add action. It seems the “New” (or now… “Add”) button on inline records is linked to this system-generated action. I don’t believe this was the case before?


I’m very curious how you were able to replace it with a custom action?

I copied the system-generated Add action, converted it to a LINKTOVIEW(), and hid the original. I was worried that the “overlay” appearance would only show in a detail view, instead of the table, but the system seemed to know the difference somehow (who knows…).

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It automatically showed below the Inline Table?

Oh. No I don’t think so. The action copy was to direct the user to a slice form, the inline was already showing a slice. I was in the middle of modifying this app when the above UI changes were made. I may be linking two separate things in my mind because they seemed to have happened at the same time. (maybe the New button was hidden as soon as I hid the system-generated action, but I just didn’t notice until now.)

I think the Add/New for inline views should appear based on the add-permission of that slice/table, not the visibility of the system-generated Add action. Although I suppose that causes confusion as to what form should open when pressing the Add/New button.

I have the same problem. The original display is VER and NUEVO, but now it has change…

So this was a step towards standardization. When we show an inline/nested view of a set of rows, our UX team indicated that View(0) was a very wierd way of doing this. So (1) we’ve moved the count to the header.

Secondly, we changed the link from “View” to “View All”. Did not fully consider how this would break localization, so moving this back to “View”. SHould have that out by Monday.

Thirdly, the “Add” button was inconsistent with everything else. We were not using the Display Name that was attached to the system-defined Add button. And it would always show even if it was being hidden in the main view itself. So instead, we’re now following the same display guidelines (Display Name as well as Show/Hide) on the Add action on the table. Now I think it is reasonable to consider showing all overlay actions in the detail view, but that seems like a more disruptive change and we didn’t want to go there now.


So, if we’ve hidden the system-generated Add action, but the inline referenced table or slice still allows adds, then the “Add” will no longer appear? I can see this possibly causing issues for some people.

Are you referring to allowing the addition of extra button to the bottom of inline views? Such as:

If so, that would be fantastic! I’d like to see two extra options per action for this:

  1. Option to show Overlay Actions in Detail views, or Table/Deck, or both.
  2. Upon selecting Table/Deck or both for option #1, the option whether or not to have it display as in the above screenshot.

Hi @Marc_Dillon, yes we’re going to try to respect the guidance provided on the system-generated Add action. What we were showing inline here was “system-generated” anyway, so we’re trying to be consistent on it.

Flagging for @morgan the possibility of showing other overlay actions here. They were originally meant to be overlays for the Details view, but we are having discussions about whether to treat these consistently across all views.


Hi @praveen! Though not the same, this thread may be related to an issue I’ve written about here:

Today I found that the placement of “display prominently” actions has also changed.

Hi Praveen:
When are you planning to fix this problem?


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I saw the same with Edit and Delete Actions.

You can write something in Localize, but it will not be respected.

You have to write it in the Action:

This is crazy. I have 30 Add and 30 Edit and 30 Delete Actions. Now I have to write the Display Name in 90 Actions? :joy:

What about this solution: In LOCALIZE we can enter the “standard” display name. If we want to override it, we can change it in the Action.

Otherwise we have to always remember to change the display name in every Action. This may be ok for English users, but not for us…


Any news on that?

Although seems like some of the issues was fixed, for me the “add” button (previously “new” button) still cannot be localized.

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