Input box or textbox


I´m trying to change a dropdown list to a textbox or inputbox but I can´t find how.
There are only these tow options:

I need to show a textbox I don´t want app shows that dropdown list.

Thank you so much!.

Your column is defined as “Ref”. The meaning of this type of column is to select a value from a list derived from another table.

If you ALSO want to be able to add new values, then you’ll need to change the source table (Productos) so that adds are permitted. This will automatically include an “Add” option at the top of the list.

If your intent is to simply enter a text value and NOT choose from a list, then you need to change the Type of the column to Text.

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Instead of using REF type, did you try Enum type?
Then you add expression, basically simple SELECT expression into the Suggested values. Then set to dropdown for user selection.

Go to that fields in the form view. In the space of search box, type in something actually it does not exist in the list. Then you see “+USE” , then click. This is kinds of adding new value to the master table.

Is this what you want ?

Hello John

Thanks for your response

I understand the meaning of use Ref column and I don´t want to lose the relationship between “productos” and “Facturas (Invoice)” tables.

I figured out a solution for what I need. I keep the Ref type on column “Codigo” and I created a new column “Lectura” wich is scanned form QR code also I set this expression on column “codigo”


and is working as I wish.

But I have an issue or different behavior between web emulator and app on mobile device:

when I test on the emulator after click on “Guardar” save button the form is reloaded and the focus (pointer) is set on textbox “Lectura.” so I can scan next QR code. But app on mobile device doesn’t set focos on textbox “Lectura”.

Any clue about this?

Thank you so much for your help.

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Hello Tsuji_koichi.

Thanks for your resonse,

I found a solution… I hope so… see my previous post.

Thank you so much.

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