Input form like a sidebar in fullscreen mode

In fullscreen mode, it is possible to have on a side the input form and in the other side the table with the live entries from the form?


I do not think there is a way to accomplish that. The closest thing to allow that format would be Dashboards but they do not allow Form views to be added.


I have tried, in the dashboard view, to put the table on the left and the detail on the right with the interactive mode. But in this case, how to edit/enter a record?

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Using a dashboard view is the only way to approach it. As you tried, one view would be the table and another the detail. To allow editing of existing rows, the detail view needs to make use of Quick Edit columns. There is no simple way to allow row creation using this display model.

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Hello @Steve,
How could I activate the quick edit columns?


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Thanks @Steve

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