Input validation

there is a problem with my app whenever there is duplicate value the app doesn’t say anything and it saves it so the question is how can I make the data entry to check if for example ID is currently in the spreadsheet and display an error and don’t save the record.

It should do that automatically if you have the latest data in your device when you create a new record so you should not be able to save that record. Is it possible that you don’t have the latest data?

i have the latest data but there is no duplication check while entering the data it should show an error i think saying that its duplicated cant be saved. is there like any valid_if code or something im new here so sorry.

So… are you talking about the key column or just what ever column?

just whatever column , not key column

and also if we could store the photos taken into a local storage such a the device itself .
please help me out with this if there is a such way

@bashiryousufy On the bottom of that article Steve mentioned you can find a formula that is checking duplicates in a column.

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