INPUT() with Date

Dear, I need help with INPUT()

I try to create an action to let user update certain column, I found that, if the column is Date type, then it will not allowed to save.

Is this a bug? Or I have configure wrongly?

Below as the scenario:
[Payment Date] - Date

INPUT(“Payment Date”,"")

I also treid:
INPUT(“Payment Date”,today())

Both result is same, the update form is pop out, it also allow me to choose the date from a calendar. But it not allowed me to save.


Dear Marc_Dillon, thanks for helping.

I tried go thtough the shared topic, but i have no luck, I still don’t know why there are no any changes upon clicking the save button.

I tried to edit the record with an edit form, in the edit form, it is able to save, but it is failed to save if I using the INPUT() function to just update the Payment Date column.


Dear Marc, I found the solution, as you mention, there are really a silly “required” column to preventing the save action.

I have make a video guide to trobuleshoot this failed to save issue.

AppSheet Input Function Introduction And Troubleshoot Failed To Save Popular Video - YouTube

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