Inputs for parent child relationship

Hello All,

I have a scenario of Parent - Child relationship.


I want to add two records in P2 as P2(R1) and P2(R2).

I want to add 2 records each in C1, C2 and C3 as
P1-P2(R1)-C1(1) and

Now without syncing, I want to make a copy of entire set of P2(R1) along with child table and allow to edit.

This is required because users need to create P2(R2) just by copying P2(R1) and make a few changes and similarly copying of P1-P2(R1)-C1(1) to make P1-P2(R1)-C1(2). Users will have to create many records in such manner. It will be very much difficult and redundant for the users to create each record without copying.

So, basically, without synching, I want to copy content of entered records to create a new records in parent child relationship.


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