Insert bulk rows in another table using list values from a column

Is it possible to insert a list of key values in a column like: s0dk3jf9,10dkfiMd,spzi20dm,0cmap2la,0dm58djf and build an action that inserts a row in another table based on those values?

The bulk insertion is to register about 300 or 200 people attending an event and for that amount of people I need a quick way to insert them given that they will attend the same event monthly

The result on the table [attendance] will be something like:
id member activity
uniqueid() s0dk3jf9 aosucnsp
uniqueid() 10dkfiMd aosucnsp
uniqueid() spzi20dm aosucnsp

This strikes me as the kind of thing best done directly within the data source (e.g., spreadsheet) rather than with the app. Alternatively, create an action that adds an attendance row for a given member ID, then invoke that action using multi-select from the members table.

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