Insert delete in detail UX refered to another table

How insert delete action in detail UX, when a mask is refered to another table. For example Sales order and rows.
In behavior I see the action linked to Details table, but the action doesn’t compare in the app.

Hello. I’m having a difficult time understanding the exact behavior you desire here? Can you elaborate with details and/or steps of what you would like to accomplish?

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the issue is: how can delete a row of table referred to another e showed as “inline view" UX. How can I assign an action to “inline view” of UX (see Figure 2) and show this?
Following 3 screenshhots that should clarify the issue.

You see that it’s possible add a new phase, but not delete the row related to “Phase order production”.

The table “Phase order production” is referred to table “Production Order”, by “order_production_id” field.

OK I understand. I think this is not available today. To delete a child row you would need to navigate to the details of that record and from there, click delete. There is no “trash can” icon on the inline view.

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Thanks for answer.