Insert google sheets formula to display image when saving changes to appsheet

Good afternoon,
Please your support. I want a photo captured in the application to be displayed in the google sheets cell. In google sheet I enter the formula of the image and it shows me, but what I would like is the formula to be generated when saving changes in the application.
In the option of auto compute I tried to enter the same formulating concatenating but it does not work, I can not make the quotes appear on google sheets.

This post from a while back has some relevant links:

It links to a sample app

and to a page documenting how to do this

Scroll down to “Showing Images in Google Sheets”.

Now, as to your problem, I’m not completely sure that I understand your problem but let me suggest that you try the following.

  1. Copy the sample I introduced above.

  2. After copying the sample, use it to add a new image. You’ll find that the new image doesn’t display in your sheet. The problem is that the correct name of your app isn’t being added to new data in your sheet.

  3. Get the correct name of your app by looking at your URL. Here’s an image of mine:

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 22.54.17

  1. In your spreadsheet, delete all of the lines that came with the sample app, leave the line that you added and correct the name in that URL:

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 22.56.01

  1. Finally, regenerate the table (inside of AppSheet).

Now, when you add new pictures or edit old ones, they should appear in your spreadsheet.

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