Insert Images into xlsx/word template

Hi everyone again!

I need some help once more.How can I insert images (captured from the app) into xlsx or word templates?I can do simple stuff like <<[XYZ]>> or <<If([XYZ],ABC,XYZ)>> but can’t figure out how to display the image instead of a hyperlink in the template (Can Appsheet actually do this?)

Anyone can direct me to a help page or post?

Thanks in advance!

You mean displaying Image in downloaded workflow generated spreadsheet ?

Yes that is correct,I have a workflow that generates a xlsx or word template with data from a form but I can’t get it to display images captured from the form (it shows up as a long gibberish “link”)

Use Image: <<[Image]>> to Insert Image into xlsx or word (<<[your Image column name]>>).
Ensure the Column is of data type Image and no app formulae exist to convert it into hyperlink.
Also ensure Secure Image access option turned off. It is under Security-> Options tab. If it is turned ON it enforce app security for image access (note: enabling this option will prevent images rendering outside the app)

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Hmmm,I tried every thing above and it’s still displaying as such
Am I missing something?

You can override these defaults by creating a format rule.

  1. Go to the UX > Format Rules tab of the app editor.
  2. Click “Add New Format Rule”.
  3. In “For this data” choose the table containing the image, thumbnail, drawing, or signature.
  4. Pick the column or columns containing your images, thumbnails, drawings, or signatures.
  5. Optionally specify a condition.
  6. Under “WORKFLOW TEMPLATE FORMAT” choose one of the following “Image formats”:
    Large: To display the image value as a 1000 x 1000 image.
    Medium: To display the image value as a 600 x 600 image.
    Small: To display the image value as a 200 x 200 image.
    Tiny: To display the image value as a 50 x 50 image.
    Text: To display the image value as a URL.

I tried this too but to no avail =(

I also encountered this “issue” of not displaying the actual image on the final result using a word (in my case Google Docs) template. Instead it showed the full directory and file name of the image.

And that happened because I used the template in a workflow from a wrong table.

Try creating a workflow for the table where your [IMAGE COLUMN] resides. In that way you can easily use the expression <<[IMAGE COLUMN]>> in the word template to show the actual image on the final result.