Insert newline between fields

I want a virtual field with two fields concatenated with a newline character so field1 will appear above field2 when displayed on screen. Is that possible?
I have created the virtual field with “field1 & field2” but that runs field2 on from field1 on the same line.

Yes. You can do something like this:

"Text line 1" & "
" & "Text line 2"

The “&” character is shorthand for the CONCATENATE() function.

NOTE: At the end of the first line a quote was typed, the enter key pressed to insert newline character and advance to second line, then the rest of the text string was entered.

The result is this:


Thanks for responding.
That is not a solution I would have readily come up with. Most systems will not allow you to line break in that fashion.
Anyway, it is a solution so that works so I really appreciate it.