Inserting Images in App Sheet


I have a google form in which i am collecting images, from the google form i am getting all the data in a google sheet… The value in the google sheet for the images sent though form is “[File Id]”…

I am not able to view the images in appsheet… On looking further I saw that image link should be something like “[File Id]”

What should i do to view these images?

A side question: is the column you wish to display the image set as the Image type in appsheet? When you added your Gsheet to AppSheet it would have seen the URLs in the column and likely automatically set it to URL, so just checking. :slight_smile:

The Column is a url.

Try changing the column to image instead

Did that. It’s still not working.

If you found that this is the appropriate formula, you’ll need to construct a formula to remake the URL so it’s correct.

To test this, create a new virtual column and enter the correct version of the URL for one of your images; this way we can even see if that will work.

Hello, I think my challenge is different, I have a bunch (4,000) images in my google drive that I need to link to a row witch has the value fo the image, Placa = 123, image = 123.jpg, how can link the hole bunch?

@Alejandro , if you have the pictures smartly named you could try to do the following.
Create folder in the same place your Google Spreadsheet Table is.
If your Spreadsheet is called for example AppDatabase, folder name should be AppDatabase_Images.
After that place the pictures inside this folder.
Inside the google spreadsheet, create a column called [Image].
Write in the row the name of the image in the following format AppDatabase_Images/123.jpg
Inside Appsheet plataform, let the colum [Image] be of Image type.


if you dont need to add rows via appsheet can just make a virtual column [Placa]&".jpg" so long as the image is always a .jpg and the file name is always just [Placa]


I was able to insert the 6,000 or so images,

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