I have an inspection application where it works as follows

  1. It is made up of forms and each form is made up of sections.
  2. For each section, I have a table.
  3. I can identify the complete inspection with the code generated at the beginning of the inspection and replicated to the other sections of the form in progress.
    Is there a way to make the data collected during the inspection on a single line? Today, the only way to identify the inspection is by copying the code and looking in the other tables to be able to completely identify the inspections.

If I understand your requirement correctly, why dont you create a table which stands as a parent for each sectional inspection tables? and connect with ref type fields to establish parent/child relationship?

You can call this parent table whatsoever, but I would say something like a SetOfInspection.
A row will create a bundle of inspections with different section.

In all my tables there is the field inspection_id which is used to reference the main table. It is through this inspection_id that I identify the inspection completely. What I want is that somehow, when the data is collected, they are in a single row, in a single table and not in different tables, as it is today.

Then you may need to employ Virtual Column and map all the related child table row/column one by one to the parent table record.

Could you give me an example of possibly what expression I could use to map these lines?

For instance, against ONE inspection record, you have multiple child table for each “section” you stated. So one parent have multiple different child.
Each child table should be allowed to add one row against one parent record.

This should be basic condition.

I would call Child1, Child2 for child tables which store sectional records against one inspection. You need to have some sort of mechanism to avoid user to add the records for the same section against one parent (inspection).

Then on the parent table, you manually create bunch of virtual column to pull all the child record fields, using expression something like

Any(select(Child1[Inspector], [_thisrow].[InspectionID]=[InspectionID])

This will pull the Inspector (if the field exist in Child1 table) onto the related record. Using Any expression, but you can use Lookup expression as well. It brings the same result, but you need to make sure the record in Child1 table with the same InspectionID is always SINGLE.

Do the same for other fields and tables.

Then your parent records should have all the related child record as a single row.