Instagram entry from appsheet

Is it possible to create a new instagram entry from a table where you have stored photos and their correspondient text?. I mean,can I do it, the same way that I can send a whastsapp message using

Hi @Juan_Luis_Moreno

Probably, using Zapier :slight_smile:
I suggest you have a look here:

On Zapier website, we can see there is a connector with Instagram


Thanks, but anyway, I’d like to fint out the way to solve it within appsheet

Then you may want to have a look to these documentations:

and more generally:

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Dude, were you able to do it ? Because I’m Also trying to do the same thing…

No. I finally decided to do it using zapier. I’ll explore another api’s like ITFFF

Oh I see, I am also having a hard time figuring out whether it is even possible or not because Instagram docs say that the POST endpoint is private & there’s no tutorial available for doing it through the appsheet editor…