Install Appsheet App as done with Glide

A similar Platform called “Glide Apps” exists and has an AMAZING feature for installing apps on phone. I have done all my Apps in Appsheet but what to install them with the feature that Glide has, is there a way to do this? Hope anyone has some ideas.

Check it out: Installing Glide Apps | Glide Tutorial - YouTube

Thank you

Glide seems to be just creating browser short cut on home screen.
Appsheet is more powerful to create short-cut to container app. One installed, App is opening as an app rather than viewing within browser.

on your app, go to menu and you will see the action to “add short cut”

hit that button and follow the guide, then you will see short cut to app on your home screen.


Hello, thank you for your answer.
I have added the short cut, but I still have to keep the AppSheet App on my phone.
With Glide I never even have to download the Glide App.

Can I do this with AppSheet and still open it as an App and not on the browser?

Thank you


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