Instant Message other App Users

Are there any future plans for implementing instant messaging capabilities within AppSheet? My organization would greatly benefit from this feature.

Well you can already create your own messaging system with the integration of push notifications actually :slight_smile:

@LeventK Do you mind elaborating, or pointing me to the right documentation?

No documentation. You just need to create your own Inbox/Messaging system. A simple table where a new record will also trigger a push notification with the deep-link so that the user can click and open the app, view the message and reply if necessary. See a couple of screenshots from one of my client apps. Basically the idea is the same as yours.

When a new correspondence is recorded, the recipient receives a push notification which directly open the Inbox view.


@LeventK Absolutely brilliant! That explains a lot. I’m fixing to get to work creating a similar workflow for my organization. Thanks a lot, much appreciated!

Your welcome @Brady_Lovell, truly my pleasure. I would like to show or explain more in detail but as you can understand it’s an app under NDA.

Nice touch with the number of unread messages in the view name…

It’s really amazing when knowledge of this platform and imagination meet! Thanks @LeventK. Maybe this should be in tips and tricks section as a bit of a user story: how to create an inbox feature. @Peter - wondering if this could be a next example in Tips and Tricks?


Yes this is awesome - I would definitely connect with @LeventK for questions/assistance building something like this, he’s got the best example of it. Will add to the list of things to highlight.


I would really like to see how this is done! So if you guys can write down a walk trough or tutorial anytime soon that would be great…