Instantiating rows from a template table

I have table A containing the source data about the operation and ID information
I have table B containing a list of items (N rows) without ID’s (call it a template table) that need to be instantiated into table C populated in there with the ID information from the record of interest from table A

The use case is a checklist mechanism where we store the checklist items in one table and when we need an instance of the checklist we run this instantiation operation to copy and fill in the IDs into the operational table C. We do not want to hardcode our actual checklist into appsheet because that is a lot of work to do initially and then to maintain as we modify the desired checklist over time.

I have been able to copy the N blank rows to table C
I have been able to copy 1 row to table C with the ID filled in
I am struggling to find a way with no web api nor workflows, only actions to achieve this operation…


thanks, this got me going

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