Integrate whatsapp

can someon guide me to a youtube video or a proper guidelines on how to integrate whatsapp and sms to appsheet. The ones available are not good enough.



For WhatsApp, you need to setup a Twilio Account for yourself and trigger Twilio API either directly using Twilio API endpoint and setting up the correct JSON body, or create your own Google Apps Script, publish it as a webapp and use its URL as a webhook endpoint.


SMS is quite straight-forward if you carefully read the documentation. For the WhatsApp, it might require a bit of expertise and knowledge with REST API, JSON and scripting. Unfortutanely there is no video for both but both the documentation inside and the community posts are good places to start as you need make your hands dirty.

If you think that you don’t have the time, expertise and patience to do both yourself, than is the best place to start looking up for an AppSheet Developer for your work.


If you want to send a WhatsApp notification to your number, it is very easy with this CallMeBot API:
Step by step instructions here:

Did a guide on how to do webhook to Twilio REST API call, after some read and testing.

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