Integrating Google ClassRoom APIs inside Appsheet

We have our classroom setup done in Google classrooms. Can I use google classroom APIs inside appsheet to fetch data and store in DB?
If possible can you share some reference. Thanks in advance.

Hi @krishnakanthv

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We do have the ability to call some APIs via WebHooks, but I’m not sure on your exact use case. How often would you want to fetch data from Classroom and move it to a DB? Would this be a one time only “data migration”, or would it be done once per day, or every time someone uses the app (like a data source sync operation)?

AppSheet’s most common use case is to operate on the data in a data source or set of data sources, but usually, not to copy data from one data source to another, so I’m not sure if this is possible yet. I’ll tag a couple of people here who may have some ideas.

@TyAlevizos @Rich @Harsh_Ch @tsuji_koichi - any ideas for this question?



From some brief searching it looks like there’s a full API for GC. But it would involve intermediate steps such as Google Apps Script and Google Sheets. I’m not seeing any evidence of a mass export or ‘push’ or ‘sync’ to/from a SQL database.

At a glance this looks like a heavy lift of work but not impossible.


Question is bit too broad, in terms of “what sort of data” of Google Classroom we wish to get through the API. Whatever the case, we need to get involved the intermediate tool to get the data in place, meaning we need to write script (GAS) to calll API and dump the respones back from GC API onto google sheet, then connect to Appsheet as data source, I believe.


Thanks for responding.

For starting consider my use case as - I want to fetch student details from Google Classroom into AppSheet DB (which is spreadsheet) using google classroom course APIs.

@tsuji_koichi Thanks for suggestion but I want to keep this two step process as final solution where in I will develop one appscript which will periodically refresh appsheet’s DB.

Hi there,
Just quickly searched, and found this.

If you just want to get the list of students enrolling on your course, then this add on should be the easiest solution , as we dont need to struggle with coding.


Thanks @tsuji_koichi

@krishnakanthv - hope that is helpful. Once it is in the sheet, then you can, of course, build a nice app in AppSheet from your student data.

Thanks for add-on @tsuji_koichi
But our problem is google classroom will be setup differently for different schools where as App that we will create with Appsheet will be one using common DB. We want some way to trigger apps script with particular user login credentials from appsheet. So we want to know if there is way to trigger apps script from appsheet itself so that both logged in user will be in same domain as google classroom setup.