Integrating with Square POS API to process payments

I’m wanting to create the functionality to accept a payment that can take a calculated value and have the user click a link or button that would do a web call to square’s API that would open the square POS app to swipe the car, process it and then return back to the app and update a field with paid.

The functionality exists for this to happen on squares side as I’ve seen it in use and here is the documentation:

I’m currently at a loss of where to start.

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Chiming in @Bellave_Jayaram

Hopefully @Bellave_Jayaram will be able to give you more pointers but I briefly looked into something similar the other day and it seems this is where you start:

What you need to do is to make an action button in your app go to a URL where you can put the code that Square gives you on the page you referenced. This URL can be anywhere - for example, a page within a website of your own, a GAS web app or a Cloud function on AWS or Google Cloud Platform. Depends on your comfort level on working out the details. Let me know if you need further assistance.


Has anyone been successful with this?
Appsheets -> square pos and back? (as first questioned with @Fellglenn)

As ABLE3 Ventures, we already have integrated some of the major online payment gateways with AppSheet apps i.e. PayPal, Stripe (which we also currently use),
You can contact my partner @Bellave_Jayaram via for further query and assistance.

I will start an email thread. with @Bellave_Jayaram.